What can We Do for you?

We develop your automation project .


Industrial robot teaching.

As we revolutionize the way of teaching industrial robots, we teach your industrial robots in a fractal of the time compared to conventional robot teaching procedure.

Tell us about the actual challenges and let us provide you the plan how we can save at least 90% of teaching time.

Customized development.

One size DOESN’T fit all!
We are not only a service provider for industrial robot teaching.

We develop the complete workflow incl. hardware and software for your particular project.

So, we hit together the maximum efficiency.


Even the most efficient automatization is worthless, if you cannot test and measure the results.

We are the right partner for these tasks. We develop the complete test strategy for your particular project, and we take care of the data collection and analisys.


We evaluated typical projects to estimate your advantages.

Our advice: do not believe, just try!

Contact us and describe your project. We give you an estimation of the potential savings on your particular project.

Time saving.
up to 90%
Cost saving.
up to 74%
Reducing down time.
up to 95%

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