What is the accuracy of the RobPathRec solution?

How precise is the RobPathRec path recording? #

We know that you want to see here one number, which is valid under any circumstances. But unfortunately, we cannot provide you this magical number.

There are many influence factors, like:

  • Number of used based stations
  • Calibration of the system (Origo, X, Y)
  • The surrounding room (sunlight yes, no), reflecting objects
  • Distance of the light boxes from the recording place
  • etc.

Please keep in mind: this is an optical system. The components were developed for gaming. So do not expect high end 3D laser measurement precision. As a tradeoff, you get a very affordable device which shorten the path creation time significant.

Our best practice values for the accuracy with 2 base stations are:

  • Standard: 2-3 mm offset
  • Well calibrated and precise setup: appr. 1mm offset
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