Transfer the first recording to the robot and check the program

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Let's start recording #

Now all the preparatory steps for the first real attempt are complete.

Place the calibration sheet on the robot’s work area and fix it there.

  • Start the RobPathRec App and for safety reasons, enter a frame offset of 10 mm. [0,0,10,0,0,0]
  • This ensures that the robot makes the first movements 10 mm above the sheet.
  • Carry out the recording by right-clicking the program.

Alternatively, you can select the robot’s post processor, but RoboDK automatically defines the correct post processor for the selected, imported robot.

You can now download the program and copy it to a USB stick, then upload it to the robot. Alternatively, send the program directly to the robot. For details, please refer to the robot manufacturer or ask your integrator.

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