RoboDK Shortcuts – Easier Operation

So you reach your goals easier

Proficient RoboDK operation is necessary for programming with the RobPathRec tool.

Please study the free RoboDK guide (available in multiple languages; the English version always includes learning videos).

Official RoboDK Documentation

Additional Pro learning content (official RoboDK learning videos in English)

RoboDK Pro Modules on YouTube

Load objects in RoboDK #

Download from the RoboDK Library ( and simply drag and drop onto the RoboDK user interface.

Access Options menu / Robot Jog #

  1. Option 1: Right-click on the robot / object in the structure tree, then select Options

  2. Option 2: Select the object and press F3

Show / hide objects #

Right-click on the object in the structure tree and click Visible. Depending on the object, there are multiple visibility settings. Alternatively, you can also use F7.

Display object descriptions #

Press the / key to display object names.

Adjust the size of the coordinate systems #

Use the + and – keys on the keyboard to change the size of the arrows.

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