Only one base station is detected – only 1 light house is detected

Only one base station is detected
Only 1 light house is recognized
Not all base stations are detected
The channels of the base stations must be synchronized again #

  1. Make sure that the USB dongle is connected to the PC
  2. Make sure that all base stations can directly see the tracker on the pen
  3. Power up all the base stations
  4. Turn on the tracker and wait until the LED turns green. That means, the tracker and at least 1 base station is detected. If it’s not the case please check out: Vive Pro Tracker is not detected by PC
  5. Start SteamVR (Start SteamVR manually from the Start Menu –> RobPathRec –> SteamVR)
  6. Wait until the devices (Tracker + at least one base station) will be shown on the SteamVR monitor
  7. Push the button in the hole on the back of the base stations and hold it for a while
  8. Do this on all boxes within short time, so the channels will be synched again.
  9. Now the boxes should be connected
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