Recording the first path

Table of Contents

Preparation #

Before the first recording, a predefined sheet should be printed to simplify the learning curve.

Go to

From the Downloads section, download the Demo Sheet.

Print it out so that the control strips are actually 30 mm or 2 inches long.

Open RoboDK with the RobPathRec Demo File: RobPathRec – Start RoboDK. You will find the same drawing preset.

Delete the points from the sample file:

  • Completely delete RPR_Prg
  • Remove targets under the frame
  • Open the RobPathRec App
  • Click on Start recording
  • Perform the calibration (0, X, Y)
  • Record the path.

The operation of the RobPathRec App is described in the next chapter.

Getting started video

Please watch a video tutorial on how to get to your first recording step by step.

With this guide, we first ensure that you can use the Teach Pen correctly after installation.

How you can transfer recordings to the robot will be shown in the next sections.

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