10 - License error 1 - please deactivate your license or contact us #

Each license of our apps can be used only 1 time at once. If we recognize that the licenses is activated more than 1 time, we deactivate the usage of the software until only 1 license is active.

Possible reasons #

  • Your PC went in standby/suspend/hibernate mode without closing, finishing the RobPathRec app.
  • The PC was crashed
  • You started the app with the same license code more than one time

Solution 1 - Deactivate license in your dashboard #

Log in into your Dashboard ( https://robpathrec.com/my-account/ )

Go to Licenses

You can check out the activation status. If it’s 1/1, means your licenses is running somewhere else. So you should deactivate the license. 

Deactivate the license

After restarting the app the license should work again.

Solution 2 - delete the license file #

In some special cases the deactivate license function does not solve the problem.

You can any time delete the license file of your app.

You can find the licenses file for RobPathRec:

for MakeItEasy:

After restarting the app the “Enter license code” dialog will automatically pop up.

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