RobPathRec Starter Kit


This an ergonomic VR device to records position and orientation for the robot path programming.

The device utilizes industry standard VR technology to enable easy replacements of spare parts on the customer side without needing RobPathRec support.

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RobPathRec Robot & Cobot programming starter kit

This industrial robot and cobot programming starter kit contains all the hardware components you need for fast and effective programming of a robot any kind.

Content of the RobPathRec Starter Kit:

  • RobPathRec Teach Pen – 1x
  • USB Dongle for the RobPathRec Teach Pen – 1x
  • Base station V2.0 – 2x
  • Power adapter for the base station – 2x
  • Data cable / power cable for the RobPathRec Teach Pen – 1x
  • Ball heads for the alignment of the base stations – 2x
  • Magnetic foots for the ball heads – 2x

The RobPathRec Teach Pen is a required hardware for the usage of the RobPathRec app.

Material Quality of the RobPathRec Teach Pen

The RobPathRec Teach Pen is manufactured by high-end quality 3D printing. The surface is smooth and ergonomic. The form and surface quality of the teach pen enables a high-precision robot programming to follow lines, surfaces with.

Note: To be able to use the set you will need the RobPathRec app. At the moment there is no support for Win 11!

Weight 4,6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 20 cm


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