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What makes RobPathRec unique.

We are experienced and skilled engineers for industrial robot automatization.
We know the pain points of the industry, and we deliver answers for these challenges.
We don’t want you offer any DIY no code solution because we think, it is rather a limitation.

We offer painless robot and cobot programming for anybody, who wants to speed up the programming but not replace this knowledge

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Up to 50x faster robot path creation than conventional teaching

The longest part of the robot / cobot programming is the path creation with the quality, you can process further

Industry standard hardware

We use cutting-edge technology, but we utilize it via industry standard hardware. Standardized and easy to replace hardware ensures maximum uptime.

Platform indepent code

We generate the code to any industrial robot platform. There are no limitations. A customized solution which runs on any paltform.

how the RobPathRec app works.

Installation of the VR environment

We generate a virtual workspace environment around the industrial robots you want to let teach.

Calibrate the VR setup

We recommend checking the VR setup and calibrate the working area before you start with a new project.

  • For the VR setup check we deliver a tool and a script, so you can always have a comparison, how good the base stations are positioned

  • An initial calibration (origo, x, y) is strongly recommended before you start to record the path.
    You can use optional previous settings, but as it take not more than 10 seconds, we recommend doing this each time.

Record the path

We trace the path with the device.

There are absolutely no limits. Any kind of complex and irregular surface can be mapped with the innovative trace device.

The path recording doesn’t require any special procedure or additional device.



Generate code

After finishing the mapping process, we compile the code for your certain robot system.

We can compile the code for the most popular industrial robot systems.

However the path recording occurs with a superior accuracy, in some cases, a manual accuracy improvement will be applied to reach the required accuracy for your application.


After a dry run you can ramp up your production line with maximum speed.


RobPathRec can teach robots of the following brands with ease

Cannot find the robot brand you want to let teach?
Do not be shy! ask us!

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