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vr robot teaching

Superfast up to 50x & accurate

We provide.

Industrial Robot teaching by virtual reality

We utilize Virtual Reality (VR) technology and an owned developed algorithm to teach ANY kind of robot.

We don’t offer you “no-code & do on your own  teaching system” because we know that it doesn’t work.

Instead we teach your robot on your site but within a much shorter time what you would achieve with the conventional coding.


We are not only faster than conventional teaching technologies but even more accurate. 

We can reach an offset of <1mm without manual correction. If your application requires, we can improve the accuracy to micron scale without sacrificing teaching speed

Time saving & customized optimization

We reduce the development and teaching time of your industrial robots to a fractal of the conventional downtime caused by programming.

We optimize the process flow to your particular project. So, you receive the most efficient automatization solution within the shortest time.

Teaching in minutes not in days.

What makes us unique.

We are experienced and skilled engineers for industrial robot automatization.
We know the pain points of the industry, and we deliver answers for these challenges.
We don’t want you offer any DIY no code solutions, becaues we know: IT DOESN’T WORK.

We offer rapid industrial robot teaching with excellent accuracy. We 

Up to 50x faster than conventional teaching

We come to your production site and complete the teaching of your industrial robots.
Within the shortest time, we set up the VR environment and complete the calibration.
For easy traces we can speed up to 15x for complex traces even up to 50x compared to conventional programming.

Industry standard hardware

We use cutting-edge technology, but we utilize it via industry standard hardware. Standardized and easy to replace hardware ensures maximum uptime.

all-inclusive solution

One size doesn't fit all!
We optimize the workflow fitting the best way to your project.
You don't need to buy any new devices or software. You get it all-inclusive.

Platform indepent code

We generate the code to any industrial robot platform. There are no limitations. A customized solution which runs on any paltform.

how it works.

VR robot teaching

Installation of the VR environment

We generate a virtual workspace environment around the industrial robots you want to let teach.

Calibrate VR path recoder

The calibration of the path recorder device guarantees the accuracy you need.

Our system enables an extreme fast and efficient calibration which works under any condition.

The calibration process regulary takes under 10 minutes

Record the path

We trace the path with the device.

There are absolutely no limits. Any kind of complex and irregular surface can be mapped with the innovative trace device.

The path recording doesn’t require any special procedure or additional device.

Generate code

After finishing the mapping process, we compile the code for your certain robot system.

We can compile the code for the most popular industrial robot systems.

However the path recording occurs with a superior accuracy, in some cases, a manual accuracy improvement will be applied to reach the required accuracy for your application.


After a dry run you can ramp up your production line with maximum speed.

RobPathRec can teach robots of the following brands with ease

Cannot find the robot brand you want to let teach?
Do not be shy! ask us!

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